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I really wish there was a way that I could easily explain to people that when I say I ‘ship’ two characters, that I don’t automatically want them to jump into bed together

like, I ship Luffy and Hancock in the sense that I think her being around him would do her a world of good; especially when it comes the to skeletons in her closet and her massive trust issues because he just point blank doesn’t judge people. 

Or when i say that I ship Usopp and Nami because those two are the weakest of the straw hats and they get each other. Pre-alabasta, Usopp knew that Nami would eventually come to him for a weapon because she didn’t think she was strong enough, because he felt the same way. They goof around together a lot too and even by themselves they’d be the ultimate bffs. But that doesn’t mean that I necessarily want them to be together romantically (although that could work too)

I guess what i’m saying is that I wish there was a better word to use to tell people that ‘hey, these characters are good for each other mentally/emotionally/physically/whatever and so I just wanna write them hanging out together, or snuggling on a couch without automatically shoehorning them into a black and white relationship’.

  1. fabelyn said: Yeeeeees! I have that problem in the last airbender: I ship Iroh and Zuko but NOT in aromantic way, just in a father son kinda way. And I have to always say that lest someone thinks I’m crazy
  2. semianonymity said: This is the basis of a LOT of my shipping urges right now! It’s not always about sex—one of the upsides of Homestuck is a codified way to write nonsexual romance—but I do a lot of friendshipping, or just, emotional closeness. I wish there was more.
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